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Arch of Triumph 凱旋門 Edit

  1. Meet any of the following requirements to open the Arch of Triumph:
    1. Complete first victory of Server War.
    2. Any player in the Server enters Top 300 in Constantinople Season Ranking.
    3. Any player in the Server enters Top 300 in Gaugamela Season Ranking.
  2. Complete the Arch of Triumph Achievement to stay permanently in the records.
  3. A player can send a flower to those in the records. Each player can send up to 3 flowers per day.

  1. プレイヤーはその記録に残っているプレイヤーに花を贈ることができます。プレイヤー1人で、1日に3回花を贈れます。

Treasure Edit

You can get up to 50 treasure chests per day.
  • Claim it to receive one or more items in it.
    Lv1 Small Amount of Food Lv1 食料・小3
    Lv2 Large Amount of Food Lv2 食料・中4
    Lv1 Small Amount of Lumber Lv1 木材・小3
    Lv2 Large Amount of Lumber Lv2 木材・中4
    Lv1 Small Amount of Stone Lv1 石材・小3
    Lv2 Large Amount of Stone Lv2 石材・中4
    Lv1 Small Amount of Ore Lv1 鉱物・小3
    Lv2 Large Amount of Ore Lv2 鉱物・中4
    Lv1 Small Amount of Resources Lv1 資源・小6
    Lv2 Large Amount of Resources Lv2 資源・中7
    Lv1 Small Speedup Box Lv1 スピードアップ箱・小5
    Lv2 Large Speedup Box Lv2 スピードアップ箱・中5
    Lv1 Small Material Box Lv1 素材箱・小8
    Lv2 Large Material Box Lv2 素材箱・中8

Visit Edit

  • Visit object
    Lv1 Mysterious Witch23You need to consume Dwarf's Delicious Pies 1